About Sara

Dancer, pedagogue and choreographer, actually involved in artistic and cultural international projects in Europe, Benin, and Bahia (Brazil). Graduated in Motor and Sport Science in 2008 she deepens the biomechanical movement analysis through the study of the Axis Syllabus movement analysis system. Her artistic path began to take shape from 2003 through the study and collaboration with the Italian choreograph and pedagogue Francesca Pedullà, accrued to date in various forms and contexts. Graduated in Traditional Arts Academy “IAT GONG” in Genoa in 2007, she starts to deepens the relation between traditional code and contemporary in performative arts.

She explore and teach dance inspired by the Hip Hop culture (Old School, Breakin', New Style and Dance Hall) and the Wests Africans dances, in particular from Benin.
In 2006 she co-founded the Association CQB (Genoa) that organize cultural and artistic exchange projects in Europe and Benin, produce shows and creative laboratory for adults and children. (www.assocqb.it, www.dailymotion.com/DIALOGUES_... )

Creator and performer in personal performatives project: Moka Loka - a woman an object a coffee machine, mime-dance solo performance, realized with the collaboration of the scenografer Alice Piscitelli (Lab Fulmicotone, Ge); Fuocodistinto - fire dance solo performance. 

Assistant of F.Pedullà in the pedagogic direction and coordination in the international project TRACES – dance and choreographic composition school for professional dancers, based in Cotonou Benin, in Collaboration with the ArtisttikAfrica Cultural Center, Ass.SONAGNON and The Axis Syllabus Research Community. 

Since 2010 she direct the Cultural Project of social inclusion through arts, CULTIVANDO OPORTUNIDADES  in the Julia Thomson Cultural Center, in Canavieiras Bahia, Brazil; she direct the creation of the dance shows: “Oculos” (2011). “A Gente” (2013) and " Alem de tudo isso...EU" (2015) 

Member of the indipendent collective of internationals artists “ Collectif qui n'a pas encore trouvé son nom” she realize as choreographe and dancer, the dance-video project “ Je ne sais plus qui a fait quoi”, born in 2013 in Cotonou- Benin and actually invited from many Film Festival in Europe, US, Sud Africa, and Benin.

Last Creation: RADIO KITCHEN BENIN a piece for two dancers and one camera, Made in Africa
(more or less..).Concept/ dance: S.Parisi, F.Pedullà; video: A.Renouard