About Lucia

Lucia Palladino’s research as a performer and arises first and foremost from a double action: experiencing with the body and observing. She as an artist and performer stages the relationships between bodies that emerge in retrospective depending on the potentials triggered by the relation itself. There is no will in the action, simply the attempt to fill an image with itself.The focus is on observation, on making room for transmission and communication. There is no intention of explaining or representing.The main points at issue regard incidents, mistakes and errors. Erring about directionless. There is no judgement, just motion allowing us to create and open new unexpected spaces and times.

Errors produce possibilities, the whole range of things a thing can be. They are extraordinary as capable of originating, of “being”. As a principle of research as joy. The way this unsteady motion changes the surroundings is noticed and traced, in its relentless, necessary and final nature. The leitmotivs of space between things, the farthest and furthest limit, emptiness obsessively emerge from her practice, all in relation to the invisible in time and sound.

Lucia Palladino is a self-educated artist who travelled the world to study with many teachers. She started studying music as a young girl (classical guitar, viola da gamba) to later turn to the body instrument. Along her path she was inspired by artistic sources in Andalusia, Portugal and Belgium.

She is certified teacher of Axis Syllabus and is member of the Axis Syllabus International Research Community. She holds lessons for professionals and pre-professionals in Italy and abroad (Vienna/ WUK, Tanzquartier, Paris/Canaldanse, Brussels/Hybrid Studio, USA/Earthdance). She is researcher and follows the method Composição em Tempo Real (CTR), which uses the composition tools conceived by choreographer João Fiadeiro. Among her masters: Frey Faust, Baris Mihci, Kira Kirsch, David Zambrano, Peter Michael Dietz, Sophia Neuparth and João Fiadeiro.She has been working as dancer and performer since 2003. Noteworthy is her collaboration with Daniele Albanese_Stalk, (Something about today, The vicious circle), winner of FondoFare Anticorpi contest. In 2011 she presented her first work as a choreographer ("To see it pass"), finalist in the Premio GD'A Emilia-Romagna and hosted at the Ravenna Festival. “Kiss”, her new choreographic project, is from 2012, finalist in the Premio Equilibrio, under the direction of Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui. In 2013 she worked as assistant director and performer of the new research work by Daniele Albanese, "Preliminary Discourse".

Since 2013 she has been collaborating as a dancer with Teatro Valdoca ("Cage's parade, Ustica, Happening") and she is responsible for the physical training in the workshops held by director Cesare Ronconi. She has been organizing international training workshops and a platform for artistic production named MOVIMENTO TOTALE.

From 2013 to 2015 she carried out an in-depth study on performing research, which has allowed her to consolidate the principles of her artistic path and her role as an artist.
 Since 2015 she is member of the international collective YIELD, whose aim is creative research and production using Real Time Composition tools. She graduated in Humanities and Philosophy at the University of Roma3, with a thesis about body figures in Portuguese literature entitled "Figure del corpo in Goncalo M. Tavares".