Polish AS Training Cycle - Move me tender – the alchemy of sequencing

8-10 May 2020

Warsaw, Poland

Kira Kirsch



Welcome to the very first Polish Axis Syllabus training! 

The idea for this program comes from a desire to bring interesting and profound approaches to movement to Poland where the demand is high but many disciplines haven't been discovered yet. 

More info about AS: 

Training consists of 7 modules, hapenning from October 2019 to May 2020. Workshops will be taught by certified AS teachers with huge experience in the pedagogical field. 

The program is a whole which means that the people who want to take part in every module will have a priority. Participation in single workshops will be possible if the full group doesn't gather. 

4-6.10 – Frey Faust: "Butterflies and Zebras" Axis Syllabus Alignment Fundamentals 

15-17.11 – Francesca Pedulla: Time Curves. Negotiations between internal and external rhythms – Collectivity

13-15.12 – Baris Mihci: "Less is more" - force economy and coordination

10-12.1 – Diana Thielen: Getting hip - from overwhelmed to inspired: how an inquiry of the pelvic girdle, hip joint, SI-joint functions and pelvic floors unlocks our movement potential

28.2-1.3 – Antoine Ragot: Mixed Movement Arts "From constraints led practices to Dancing"

18-19.4 – self-practice weekend with no teacher 

8-10.5 – Kira Kirsch: Move me tender – the alchemy of sequencing

The detailed description of workshops including hours and the bios of teachers will be presented in the comment section below. 

VENUE: Warsaw Dance Department, Palace of Culture and Science 

PRICE: 550 euros if the deposit of 200 euro is transfered until August 15 and 650 euros afterwards. 
Price of a single workshop is 125 euros. 

QUESTIONS & REGISTRATION: Andrzej Woźniak; ej.posluchaj@gmail.com  

There's only a facebook site: https://www.facebook.com/events/1988208521302553/