Enquiring under the forms - Workshop Cycle // Basel 2020

13-15 November 2020

Basel, Switzerland

Francesca Pedulla



Enquiring under the forms- internal and external adaptations

“... but, the exterior of a living thing, what else is it but the eternal manifestation of
the interior? The exterior, or vehicle, is so finely tuned to the internal construct in all
its variety and delicate complexity, that it is itself destined to become
internalized,because the two qualities of internal and external are in a direct and
permanent rapport, whether in a state of repose or virtuosicmovement...”
J.W. Goethe

How can I differentiate the perception of the multiple actions - reactions of the body when it is in
How can I define the boundaries between what is me and what is not?
How can I use and specify the role of my structures to absorb, resist, push, pull, get closer, get

Through the tools offered by the Axis Syllabus we will observe and play with the sophisticated
intelligence of the body in motion and its interactions with the environment that surrounds us; we
will work on theoretical and practical stimuli, individual and group improvisations, and we will dance together.
The workshop is open to dancers, actors, musicians, professionals and amateurs of the movement and to all who are interested in experiencing an accurate awareness of the body and its expressive potential.

Price: Swiss francs / Euro

Regular workshop Price: 220 / 200 Early Bird 

Early Bird – until one month before: 200 / 185

Core-group price – if 4 or 5 of the workshops are booked: 180 / 165

Optional reduction for people not living in switzerland: -20 / -18

Housing: To make it possible for people arriving from further away to participate, there's the possibility to organise housing for 10-20 per night for a limited number or people.

This Workshop is part of the Axis Syllabus Workshop Cycle in Basel 2020
The cycle is a whole which means that the people who participate in 4 or 5 of the weekends belong to the core-group that will have a priority in registration.


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April 24/25/26 Antoine Ragot „Your inner fish“

May 22/23/24 Baris Mihci "Movement mutations"

October 9/10/11 Frey Faust "Triangulation, natural genius"

November 13/14/15 Francesca Pedulla "Enquiring under the forms"

Please find the full workshop description and biography in a separate event page.